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Grandmaster Soengkono would like to extend his sincere gratitude to all the students that gave their valuable time to help move so much of the Dojo to our new location. While we will STILL BE OPERATING OUT OF OUR VICTORIAVILLE LOCATION until final renovations on our Court Street location are complete, the work done this weekend will make our final move smooth and easy. To all of you, students, family and friends, who gave their time: thank you.

In particular, Lavan Thirukeetheesawaranathan, who flew in from Saskatoon to keep the move organized and strategic… we could not have accomplished what we did without you.

We did our best to keep track of so many people who came out to help – we were overwhelmed by the heart, hard work and hours put in, we can’t say how much we appreciate what they all did. If we missed your name, we apologize. We were unprepared for the sheer number of people who arrived to help us at both locations.

Thank you to:
1. Lavan T
2. Adrien L.
3. Dane N.
4. Andrew B.
5. Jason F.
6. Alex S.
7. Hafsa S.
8. Shaun M.
9. Derek A.
10. Mike C
11. Shauna G.
12. Tim W.
13. Mark K
14. Leanne H.
15. Derek H.
16. Jean L.
17. Erin L.
18. Kalina Y.
19. Mark K.
20 Earl W.
21. Andy M.
22. John W.
23. Aidyn L.
24. Michelle Y.
25. Mya B.
26. Chase B
27. Sasha M.
28. Erin’s mom
29. Mel
30. Dave S.
31. Sayer S.
32. Smiley
33. Andriy H.
34. Kai L.
35. Kerri N.
36. Walid S

37. Nathaniel C


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