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Life is a journey in which we learn many lessons.

In fact, life keeps giving us the same lessons until we learn them. On occasion, we are given a guide or mentor to help us on our journey. Master Soengkono and his instructors are such guides. As a parent of a 12 year old boy, I had been looking for a physical activity that would help my son and I get in shape and develop in a positive manner. We started Aikido together about a year and a half ago and the experience has surpassed both of our expectations. We have been welcomed into the dojo and have been treated with the utmost of respect and patience.

What I find most impressive is the emphasis on mental, spiritual and physical growth. Master Song takes the time to teach us about ways to be successful in life while also learning self defense. The values demonstrated and taught in the dojo include such things as respect for self and others, self development, the power of goal setting, the need for focus, positive reinforcement, personal accountability, hard work and team work. The end result of the learning about self defense is the enhancement of self esteem and increased life skills. Any parent wants this kind of positive experience for their child. Any adult needs these life lessons reinforced or learned.

I have worked most of my life as a counselor and a manager in the field of mental health. I have worked with adults, children, youth and families facing a variety of problems. I believe that training in this dojo would help anyone, adult or child, who needs to learn to overcome life’s challenges. Master Song’s approach is to build on the positives and strengths in his students and to help them control and overcome their weaknesses. I have no hesitation in recommending Master Soengkono’s Martial Arts School.


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