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I have been training in Martial Arts since I was young, so I was unsure what to expect coming here. I remember after three classes of Aikido, I knew that I wanted to train in Aikido for the rest of my life. This was due to both G.M Soengkono and the students of this school, and the enthusiasm and passion they bring to teaching.

It will take me a long time to ascertain what exactly I have learned from G.M Soengkono and each Martial Artist from this school. Mainly due to the fact that It has shown up in many different forms and ways in my life. I can say with absolute assurance the technical ability G.M Soengkono possesses, along with his excellent teaching abilities will provide you with a keen insight into the Martial world. His ability to analyze small details pertaining to your form, technique, movement, and size has provided me with a keen insight into understanding my own abilities, awareness of myself to others, and how I can improve myself. All this to say, I do believe personally the technical ability I was taught comes secondary to the personal and mental aspects I have learned from him, and this school.

G.M Soengkono and the students have provided me with ways to manage my own personal experiences with stressors; the day to day living that I contend with and its monotony, and my own personal tribunes and fears I face. If I could summarize briefly what I was taught learning under G.M Soengkono, I would say his teachings emphasised experiencing the moment,
finding compassion in yourself and others, and finding alternative methods to end conflict in everyday life.

I highly recommend taking time to learn under G.M Soengkono, and the students who are at this school. Even if it is for a short period of time. Everything that I have learned from both G.M Soengkono, and the Martial Artists at this school have been invaluable to me. Although, I understand everyone has their own journey in life. I cannot guarantee you will learn anything I
have because what you experience, and how you see the world is different from how I experience it. I can assure you it is worth every moment you have.

This is only a small fraction of what I could put into words that was given to me during my years of training here. If you open your mind, and are willing to learn let go of yourself, you may enjoy your time here. Last, I would like to say I was privileged and honored to have been a student under G.M Soengkono, and a training partner to all of the Martial Artists at this school. I
would like to thank you for allowing me to have been a student of yours, and a training partner to all of you. I will never forget any of it.


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