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Grand Master Song is a dedicated teacher, mentor, and instructor. The level of patience and understanding for his students, especially for the younger ones (13<), is amazing. To be able to not only harness the energy children have and put it to a positive outlet, but also be able to get them to focus in a learning manner is difficult at best, which I’m sure nearly every parent could agree with. I, myself, was a former young student, and I had no shortage of energy and lack of focus. And to this day, I attribute his dedication to his craft, and that of his ability to reach / teach children in a positive manner, to giving me at least a partial foundation for my own positive growth as a person. My oldest daughter has been in his TKD class for nearly a year now, and has not only grown as a person in just a short period, but thrived in her drive and dedication to nearly everything she puts herself to doing. Bringing her to GM Song’s dojo when she expressed a want to do something extracurricular, was something I didn’t hesitate to do. And she has absolutely loved it ever since. And now, after so many years (25+) of having gone my own way in life, and now having children of my own, I’ve returned to his classes to take up the practice of TKD once again myself. The atmosphere is welcoming and warm, and the feeling of being a part of a family permeates nearly every aspect of the dojo. Watching the instructors themselves grow and self-improve is noteworthy. It takes a lot of self-worth and mental stamina to get up in front of a class and teach anywhere from 5 to 25 people at a time. Sometimes, it isn’t perfect (but rarely is life perfect). But those are perfect learning experiences to which GM Song assists them in their ability to improve and better themselves through, in a way that is easy to understand, and not feel belittled or scorned. In summary, I would highly encourage anyone who is interested in learning martial arts to come and at least watch, or partake, and do so in a comfortable and welcoming environment.


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