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I started learning Aikido in 2003, and when I moved to Thunder Bay in 2006, I was very happy to discover a place where I could continue my training. Grand Master Soengkono’s dojo has exceeded my expectations. As soon as I walked in the door on the first day, I knew I had found a special place. Grand Master Soengkono has created such a positive, supportive, fun atmosphere at the dojo, and I always look forward to class. He is an expert Aikido practitioner, and his skill continues to amaze me whenever I see him in action. Not only this, but he is a superb teacher: he explains techniques in a clear way, and he seems to perceive exactly what each student needs, in order to build on their own unique strengths and take students beyond their individual limitations. he engages every student personally in order to make them feel a part of the class and at home in the club. His assistant instructors are also excellent. In addition, Grand master Soengkono leads by example in the personal arena: he teaches us not only about Aikido, but also about how to be a better person, and about the skills to succeed in life. I have learned so much from Grand Master Soengkono and look forward very much to continuing my journey with him and the other members of the club.


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