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I have known Master Soengkono for the past fifteen years. During that period I have attended his annual celebration dinner and met many of his students. The comments from students and parents relative to the instruction they receive in the martial arts is worthy of note. More importantly, the life lessons learned by the students must be taken into consideration.

I am truly impressed with the caliber of his teaching methods, his communication with his students, the respect shown to him as an individual, the passion he leaves with his students and the benefits the students gain as an overall individual.

His personal philosophy of life is carried through to his teachings and his work with his students. Many students return year after year and you can actually see their growth as young men and young women.

We are fortunate to have an individual like Master Soengkono in our community who gives so much to develop young minds and young people.

He also draws on his older students to achieve greater heights than they have done previously. I understand that Master Soengkono is extending his teaching to the police and security forces. They will be most fortunate to have him as a resource person and teacher.


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