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I went to this school in 2008- 2013. It was the best five years of my martial arts career. I developed self-confidence in my self defense skills as I helped teach younger students their skill sets. This helped with developing my leadership skills at work. I am able to be carry myself with grace, strength and courage in the face of a pandemic. My self-esteem boosted when I trained to improve my mind, body and spirit through the teachings of this school. I love going to the adult classes even after working twelve hour shifts because it was my stress reliever and workout time. The staff and fellow students were professional and prepared to train. I came out of those five years with more than just knowledge of taekwondo. I gathered long-term tools on self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline in goal setting. I learned that courage is not the absence of fear. It is having fear and continuing the journey. It has been almost eight years since I have been to the school because I moved away from the province to be closer to family in Alberta but I think of the school as my home away from home while I went to university in Thunder Bay, Ontario. I recommend this school for anyone interested in martial arts because I would go back with my daughter to this school to train in self-defense in a heart beat. However, she is only two weeks old right now. We also live three provinces away. So for anyone in the city of Thunder Bay looking for a martial school for their daughter, children or themselves, I recommend going to Soengkono world class martial arts school.


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