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My experience with the Soengkono World Class Martial Arts School has been a consistently positive and beneficial one.  While I have noticed improvement and maintenance in physical strength, endurance, and flexibility, the benefits of my training have extended much further.  The curriculum emphasizes consistent, gradual change, with the introduction of attainable goals in a well thought out progression.  The instructors and fellow students are all very positive, and all students are made welcome.  The school teaches the physical skills of TaeKwonDo, and students are successful in national level competition.  More importantly, the school teaches morals and personal skills which lead to the life-long skills of self-discipline, self-control, and positive attitude.  I have watched young students make remarkable changes in their behavior and attitudes over a period of time.  All students are made to feel successful, regardless of whether they choose to train for competition, or simply learn a new pattern.  For adults, the school offers a place where people of all physical abilities and skill levels can learn new skills from a true master.  I have no reservations recommending World Class Martial Arts for anyone interested in the benefits of learning TaeKwonDo.


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