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As a parent, one only wishes the best for their children and when we decided to enroll our son and daughter in Grandmaster Song’s school of TaeKwonDo, it was a decision that was made with absolutely no regret.
Although our children were only with Grandmaster Song for a short time, the values they learned from him and his instructors were second to none. He has shown them not only the physical skills that they required but more importantly, the ability to stay focused, increase determination and self-esteem and most importantly to respect themselves and others in and out of the Dojang.

It was with great sadness that we had to say goodbye to Grandmaster Song and his awesome teaching staff as they truly are world class. They not only brought out the best in our children, but also made them feel as if they were part of a wonderful family which will be truly missed.

Grandmaster Song comes highly respected in the TaeKwonDo community not only as an instructor but also as a person and his World Class School of Martial Arts is truly World Class.

I would, without hesitation, highly recommend this school to anyone looking to enhance their way of life through the martial arts.


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