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I have been practicing martial arts with Grandmaster Soengkono since the age of 5 (23 years), and there has been no experience more positively influential in my life. Master Song is a world-class teacher and a mentor like no other you will ever meet. He is extremely knowledgeable, respectful, caring, and he has genuinely shaped me into the person I am today. He has taught me Tae Kwon Do and Pentjak Silat for many years, and I have nothing but amazing things to say about my learning experience at this dojo. Master Song’s martial arts training has always been about more than self-defense or learning to fight – it teaches you focus, discipline, strength, and perseverance. Soengkono World Class Martial Arts School is truly a special place that is founded on respect, inclusiveness, and integrity, and these values are always reflected in the teachings of Master Song and his instructors. Master Song is always striving to enhance the community and people in it, and anyone who has had the privilege of learning from him, or even just meeting him, will forever be changed for the better. For anyone who is looking to learn any martial art, be it Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Tai Chi, or Pentjak Silat, and become a better person along the way, this is absolutely the dojo for you. Thank you for everything you do Grandmaster Soengkono – you are truly one of a kind.


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