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Machines and other fitness exercises bored me.  I needed something to motivate me to exercise and stimulate me intellectually.  As a child, martial arts shows intrigued me so I thought I could at least learn Tai Chi Chuan.  Through Tai Chi and Qigong my health, strength, and flexibility improved.  I am now able to climb stairs pain-free and learning to relax… Master Soengkono is a rare true Leader that continually brings out the best in all of us and gives us the guidance to improve each day no matter what we are doing.  His teaching style effectively uses a combination of discipline and humour and you can see his teachings in his highly qualified assistant instructors…  am 50 years old now and I will participate in martial arts in one form or another for the rest of my life… Fate drew me to the World Class Martial Arts School and has been more of an enriching experience than I ever expected.


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