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Soengkono World Class Martial Arts is Like No Other! It is a life changing experience that will begin the first day you join! My son and I were fortunate to attend Grandmaster Soengkono’s classes. It was extremely beneficial to have a professional mentor and the World’s Best martial artist located in the City of Thunder Bay Ontario. Grandmaster Soengkono offers a variation of martial arts and classes for all ages. The unique ability to provide Excellence at the top level of performance is simply fascinating! It was 23 years ago when we first attended Grandmaster Soengkono’s school where students lined up early outside waiting to enter the building, but more importantly their hearts raced with enthusiasm to see their Master arrive to open the doors! Where ever in the world you live, do not hesitate to join his Martial Art Classes or make your dream to attend a reality! No matter what age or circumstances you experience, you will never regret this once in a life time opportunity. I believe Grandmaster Soengkono’s wisdom and knowledge saves all lives. We will cherish many years we had with the World’s Best and we took it with us daily for the rest of our lives. We both remain grateful and respect our one and only true Grandmaster Soengkono! Simply Sensational and highly recommended. It was the best decision I ever made in my entire life for my family.


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