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I have been practicing martial arts for many years and here in Thunder Bay I had the rare opportunity to train in a Ryu (school) where the true philosophy and tradition of martial arts have been preserved. This dojo provided a peaceful, safe and respectful environment you can feel as you step inside. Master Song gave me the tools I needed to go on with my martial arts career. His unique skill and approach taught me more than just technique: with a contagious smile he welcomed me like a son, gave me his time and helped me to peacefully unify the body and mind. This journey took me to a higher level, both as a martial artist and as a human being. Master Song can feel each of his students and understand their levels. It helped me to breathe, walk and behave Aiki (harmonization of inner energy). His great experience is carried through all of his students and it’s a great honor to have been trained by master such as Grand Master Song. He leads by example, teaches with passion and is truly dedicated. Now I am returning home with new tools and the heart full of joy. Special thanks to Adrien, whose knowledge was way above my expectation. He is a spectacular communicator and a respectful man that I admire. Thanks to every student who shared with me this unspeakable passion that is Aikido, and who treated me like one of their own.


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