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2 years ago I posted my 5 star review and nothing has changed this. 😁 Grand Master Song has continued to be a caring, encouraging and gentle soul with our children. He is the positive role model I want for my kids as he teaches them tae kwon do and gives them life lessons around bullying and so much more. We have taken a break from the dojo due to COVID19 but we are still part of this family. I say family because being part of this Dojo is like being part of a family. We all help each other and care about each other. We have been with this dojo family for about 7 years. During that time I continue to come across previous students of GM Songs out in the community (usually after class when my daughter is still in her dobok-tae kwon do uniform) and they have always spoken positively about GM Song and their experience with being part of the dojo. During this COVID19 pandemic, GM Song continues to ensure his students and their family’s health by following health and safety protocols in the dojo. He has also continued to reach out and check up on dojo family members like my family, that have chosen to keep their “bubble” small and stay home. Being part of this dojo family and my children learning tae kwon do here, has been one of the most life enriching experiences for my family. Thank you GM Song for your professionalism but more importantly, for your genuine caring of others. You are one of the most authentic and sincere people I have ever met.


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