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Soengkono Martial Arts It goes without saying that any martial arts is a benefit to those who participate. However, I challenge anyone to find a dojo that rises above and beyond all expectations as Soengkono Martial Arts has done for our family. Grand Master Song offers far more, he brings an element of honour, integrity, experience and a familial bond that creates an atmosphere where students thrive. He nurtures and guides each student to achieve their physical, emotional and mental best. Grand Master Song is invested in his students and their families. His desire is to see all of his students succeed in small goals, big dreams and in life. Soengkono is a family, there are instructors, masters and mentors who will spend extra time , offer one-on-one and assist anyone who requires that extra care. Grand Master Song wants to know his students. He is interested to know what is going on in their life, in their school, in their head and in their heart. He makes a personal connection with each student. I love when the lessons go beyond that of the physical movement and training. Often, during class, Grand Master Song will take the opportunity to teach the class a life lesson. A story of his own personal experience, a fable, that will have any one who listens walk away a little more enlightened and with deeper moral understanding of the message. The kindness and wisdom that is evident through Grand Master Song’s classes, lessons and teachings will leave you in awe. He has the utmost respect for everyone he meets, it never has to be earned. It flows through all members of this family and it is palpable when you enter his dojo. Ultimately, Soengkono Martial Arts is the place that will enrich you or your child’s life while learning martial arts.


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