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The Soengkono World Class Martial Arts School under the direction of Grandmaster Song is truly a remarkable and exceptional school which we feel extremely fortunate to have in our community of Thunder Bay.

Our son Justin began taking TaeKwonDo in 1996 when he was 8 years old. In 2005, Justin earned his Black Belt and now helps at the school as an assistant instructor. Our younger son, Adam (who has Down Syndrome) was invited to join in the classes with his father (at the ripe young age of 51) in 2003 by Grandmaster Song. Adam’s participation in class was the result of strong encouragement and support by Master Song in recognizing Adam’s potential in achieving success as a member of the supportive community of the school which emphasizes friendship, respect, courtesy, mental focus and self-confidence in a positive and interactive learning environment.

Master Song through his teachings and the philosophy of the TaeKwonDo tradition has demonstrated great compassion, consideration and admiration for Adam and Justin and all of the students and their families. His teaching goes beyond encouraging students to achieve skills and physical fitness through the techniques and traditions of the TaeKwonDo program. Students also achieve success in emotional, intellectual and social development with a strong emphasis on life skills, character development, compassion, goal setting and respect for others at home, in school and in the greater community. The inclusion of Adam in the program, his acceptance by others and Justin’s achievement in attaining his Black Belt have demonstrated the positive and encouraging environment of the school.

The advanced physical and mental training in TaeKwonDo have made a huge difference in our children’s confidence, concentration, performance and achievement levels. It has also had a tremendous effect on their father’s physical, spiritual and mental growth. Our deepest thanks and appreciation go to Grandmaster Song for truly demonstrating the true meaning of inclusion of special needs individuals in society and welcoming Adam, his brother Justin and their father with open arms and hearts into the school. We strongly recommend this school to anyone considering Martial Arts, whether they are young children, teens or adults.


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