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Please accept this letter of recommendation for the skills and experience of Grandmaster Soengkono who has made a very significant mark in Thunder Bay’s martial arts community. As a member of the Martial Arts Council Grandmaster Soengkono is part of the fraternity that has made us recognized as the Martial Arts Capital of Canada. His school has been a major contribution to this earned reputation. He has taught and inspired thousands of students (of all ages) in many disciplines of the martial arts attesting to his expansive knowledge and ability to cross-train. This is important because of the need to combine aggressive and passive uses of self-defense and defusing of belligerent behaviors. He is very much a leader and the kind of teacher who indeed practices what he teaches. Considering the scope of his community involvement (including PRO Kids), lifelong learning, and physical and mental fitness he is a stellar example of being what he inspires in others. I am fortunate to have known Grandmaster over many years and can verify his commitment to youth and to the betterment of our community. Without a doubt Grandmaster Soengkono excels in instruction and has demonstrated this attribute at the highest levels. Thus I do offer my name as a long-time practitioner of the martial arts and as the President of the Northern American Chen Tai Chi Association.


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