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My daughter began classes at Soengkono Martial Arts October 2018 at 7 years old. Over this past year she has grown in many different ways and I credit GrandMaster Soengkono for that. Along with teaching his students Taekwondo, & other Martial Art classes he has available, he also spends much time educating and assisting them with life skills. He has personally helped my daughter with bullying at school, building her self confidence, and dealing with jealousy of a new sibling (may 2019). No matter how busy he may be if a student of any age has a problem even a personal problem he finds time for them and makes sure they feel important. I was unsure of him having students teaching parts of the beginner classes but over time I grew to love how he trains his students to be able to understand what they were taught and gain the ability to teach to others as they move forward with their training. Being able to copy and repeat ‘moves’ is one thing but understand how and why you move in certain ways and being able to show someone else gives the students a sense of entitlement they wouldnt get somewhere else. My daughter now 8 years old & a yellow belt loves helping the new white belts learn and assist in their achievements along with her. GrandMaster Soengkono and his dojo has become not just a stop during our day but a positive part of my families lives.


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