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I have known Master Soengkono since September 1997, and throughout that time I have been very impressed by him in every way.  He is a calm, considerate man, very gentle with all his students, particularly the young ones.  He patiently listens to everyone and helps anyone he can with whatever might be of greatest assistance to him or her.  Just being in his presence is a wonderful experience since he constantly exudes a loving attitude.

Some of his other characteristics are: warmth, intellect, honesty, honour, integrity, humour, and a caring attitude.  I vouch for all the outstanding qualities of Song Yung Ren’s (GM Soengkono) character without hesitation.  I would trust him under all circumstances, and much kindness and love toward everyone, no matter what.  He is an impeccable human being and would not be deliberately mean or cruel to anyone regardless of the circumstances.


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