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From the moment I walked into Master Song’s school, I felt immediately at home and welcome. The strong community environment and welcoming atmosphere is something I’ve never felt so quickly in a new place. Master Song’s and his instructor’s lessons are not only helpful physically (after almost a year I feel confident to go out and walk alone wherever I may be), but have also been an emotional and mental awakening for me. As a future educator I hope to be able to become half as good at empowering and motivating my students as he is to never give up and to always be respectful and modest. Master song does not simply ask his students to uphold these standards; he is a living representation of what he asks of his students. I have become a better version of myself thanks to master song and i hope that anyone looking to learn taekwondo, or any of the other martial arts offered at the school, will consider Master Song’s dojang. Whether it’s fitness, self defense, or self-esteem, Master Song will help you achieve your goals, as he has helped me achieve so many of mine.


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