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I decided to study the Martial Arts initially to regain a measure of physical fitness and to pursue an art which was true to the traditions and philosophy of the Martial Arts. I found all of those things and a very great deal more studying with Grand Master Soengkono. His instructional focus goes far beyond that of the physical training, he strives to promote a sense of community, co-operation and teamwork, along with a strong philosophy of good citizenship and genuine concern for others, both within and outside of the school. He ensures that each student is made to feel at home and that they are part of the school. He ensures that each student can train to his or her ability, while promoting their strengths, and motivating them to improve on, and overcome their weaknesses. His school has provided me with a positive environment and has afforded me the opportunity to surround myself with positive people. I have made new friends and increased my level of physical fitness, while becoming more positive and confident in my daily life.


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