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Epic!!! 5 stars!!” and, “He’s funny and very nice, a great instructor that has good control over the kids. I feel so calm when I’m there,” was how my 9 and 11 year old children described World Class Martial Arts and Grand Master Soengkono, when I asked them what they would say if they were to give a review. Many years ago I studied under Grandmaster Soengkono, and knew it was time for my kids to learn from the very best. Not only is Grandmaster Soengkono an amazing martial arts teacher, but he also teaches respect, kindness, discipline, and important life lessons, often through intriguing stories. He truly cares about every student , and takes time to work with each one of them. The other teachers at World Class Martial Arts are also great and very patient. Thunder Bay is very fortunate to have Grandmaster Soengkono. He really is one of a kind.


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