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Grandmaster Soengkono has without a doubt had an enormous positive impact on my life.

Having trained under Grandmaster in Taekwondo since I was 8 years old, earning a rank of black stripe, I can attest to world class martial arts and self defence training provided by Grandmaster and his team. However, Grandmaster’s teachings go beyond the Dojang and into the classroom, the school yard, the office and life itself, and these are what I carry with me today.

Grandmaster’s life teachings and character development principles made a lasting impact on me when I was young, first by fostering confidence and self esteem at a vulnerable age when I struggled with bullying and childhood insecurities were the norm.

As I matured I began to take to heart the character principles Grandmaster teaches. Principles like integrity, perseverance, respect, modesty, and compassion. I have carried these teachings throughout my life and throughout life’s challenges and truly credit them to the person I am today.

Grandmaster Soengkono is a phenomenal human being. I am blessed I was able to foster a relationship with him and I am honoured today to call him my friend. I wholeheartedly endorse the training and education provided by him and his team at Song Martial Arts.


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