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My ten year- old son has been in TaeKwonDo for one year. He took an immediate liking to it and his enthusiasm has not waned. I have had the chance to observe some of the sessions myself, and I have learned a great deal. Clearly, TaeKwonDo teaches the students much more than the required physical skills.

It teaches, among other things, the importance of concentration, discipline, self-control, patience and respect for self and others. The children respond well to the structure of the group and the ritualistic aspects of the experience. Often, these elements seem to be lacking in children’s lives in today’s rapidly changing and sometimes incoherent society.

I am most impressed by the quality of the interaction between the instructors and students. The children are always treated with respect. They are taught and guided with a firm but compassionate approach. Criticism is always constructive. This process encourages learning, develops self-motivation and builds self-confidence. The TaeKwonDo instructors are excellent role models for their students.

Overall, TaeKwonDo has been a positive experience for us and I would recommend it highly.


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