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I first met Grandmaster Song through one of his long time student Marc Heinrich who I met through work. As he knows that I have some martial background, he invited me over that night to his dojo & to meet his teacher. As soon as I entered the dojo, the feeling of such good energy came through me [I’ve been in the arts for 47 years on & off] that I seldom experience & I told it to Marc. Marc introduced me to the Grandmaster & we had a wonderful conversation regarding the arts & life in general. At the end of our conversation, he invited me to practice if I ever come back to Thunder Bay. Two weeks after our first meeting, I was sent back again to finish the work project. I told Marc that I’ll be there to take a class. When I arrived in the dojo, Grandmaster Song greeted me with his infectious smile & warm hospitality. His students were very gracious in accepting me & to practice with them. Adrian, the GM’s senior student introduced me to the class & showed me how they do it & was very helpful. Grandmaster Song’s precise way of teaching his students were thorough & with care. I came out of the dojo knowing that Grandmaster Song not only teaches the arts but also builds good character which I noticed through his students & I am proud to be one of them. This dojo truly is the hidden jewel of the north. Thank you again for the warmest hospitality that you have shown me as a man, a teacher and a great representative of your culture.


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