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I moved to Thunder Bay completely alone, and one day about three weeks later (after very limited research) I wandered into this dojo. After watching for 5 minuets I knew I wanted to study here and I was welcomed onto the mats. Inside of a month the city and the dojo began to feel like home. Everyone here (parents, students and instructors) is welcoming and more than happy to help you with any technique or just with advice about the city. The first time I met GM Soengkono I knew he was I man I wanted to learn from and more than that, he is a man worth learning from. I can’t explain how much his lessons have helped me in my professional and personal life. In Aikido specifically, everything is taught with tradition in mind (as befitting of the art) and has been adapted to be practical in today’s world. The instructors are well trained, humble, and patient, everything you could possibly want as a student. Master Soeng once complimented me on how quickly I’d progressed with some of the techniques and it was only possible because so many great seniors were willing to take the time to help me practice. In all this is a fantastic school with an amazing leader and if you have any interest in martial arts this school cannot be recommended enough.


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