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Since our two boys began training, I have attended the majority of their classes and the quality of the instruction they receive is outstanding. The teaching staff have a great deal of skill and talent which they are able to successfully impart to the students. Of equal, if not more, importance, I noted the emphasis that you and your instructors place upon self-discipline and respect both inside and outside the dojang. Appropriate, if notexceptional behavior is expected at home and at school. My children are receiving training in how to be successful, not only in martial arts, but in life. The skills they are learning promote high values, high standards, and high personal goals. They are encouraged to be the bestpeople they can possibly be. Their talents and hard work are always rewarded and praised and their shortcomings are never ridiculed. Soengkono Martial Arts School has significantly raised the self-esteem of both our children and is setiing the groundwork for an approach to life that can only result in success. master Song instills a great desire to excel in all aspects of life, and has a true talent for motivating his students. He is approachable, supportive, generous, and a lethal weapon. The best part of all is that he makes learning so much fun.


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