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“I am honored to be born by an amazing woman.
There was no one like her. Her dedication and passion for life and for her family compare to none.
She was loving, fun, kind, generous, loyal, honest and FULL of life. She would dance ballet, play piano, help me with homework, cook dishes and bake cakes while charming her way through life among countless friends and families.
She told me that there’s nothing I could not do in life and gave me a name that meant greatness with compassion.
She had a green thumb and loved plants and flowers… roses, magnolias, jasmines, lilies, peonies and orchids are her favourite.
She always gave of herself to help others. I know she will be missed by many, many people too.
I’ll miss her terribly but I know I am at peace because I know that she is in a better place – free from worldly pain and suffering. Now, she will be with me every day.
She passed into another life a saint and a hero. I recalled she helped and fed so many unfortunate people while I was still living with her. She is loved not just by me and my father but by all souls that she has touched.
She’ll soon join my father. I’ll see her on the other side. I’ve asked her to forgive my shortcomings and limitations while serving her as a friend and a son. I asked her to say hello to my father, grand parents and ancestors.
She will be forever in my heart.”
-GM Soengkono


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